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The Importance of Desktop Support Services for Your Company

Companies, whether big or small, depend on computers, software and the internet to operate their business. However, managing technology can be overwhelming and confusing – not to mention technical issues and online threats. For this reason, you should turn to IT professionals to handle all of your desktop support needs.

Desktop Support Services

Desktop support specialists are trained professionals who offers IT support for business operating systems as well as updates, troubleshooting and desktop computer maintenance. They provide proactive solutions to secure and manage a company’s desktop computers. Desktop support specialists ensure that a company’s computer system is working properly and at high-peak performance.

Desktop Support Services Offered

Desktop Support offers a variety of services including:

  • General desktop support – Desktop support specialists make sure each desktop computer in a company is consistently functioning properly, determine if there may be any potential problems that may affect its performance and take action before they escalate into actual issues and resolve any existing problems, if any.
  • Software installation – Desktop support experts install software vital to a company in order to handle and complete specific tasks. They determine if a computer is compatible with the software a company would like to use, install it and configure the settings to ensure that it is easy to use.
  • Software, hardware and network upgrades – Desktop support specialists also provide the necessary updates to software, hardware and networks to make sure a company’s computers are compatible with the most current operating systems.
  • Virus protection and removal – Viruses, malware and spyware are detrimental to a company’s computer system as they corrupt files, slow down a computer’s performance and steal information. Desktop support experts help to scan for viruses, install virus security to protect a computer and prevent it from receiving viruses and other online threats and perform a clean install to get rid of all viruses.
  • Preventative maintenance and network audits – Computer support technicians provide regular maintenance activities on computer desktops, servers, firewalls, etc. in order to keep computer systems up-to-date with maintenance to prevent problems from occurring.
  • Data backup and recovery – Desktop support specialists offer protection solutions to backup and restore data.
  • Hard drive, email and network configuration – Hard drive, email and network configuration can be frustrating and time-consuming. Desktop support can setup and configure email as well as hard drive and computer network to avoid this hassle.

About ZimegaTS

Zimega Technology Solutions is a specialized technology provider focused on  various IT services including desktop support services. We have a comprehensive computer support to meet your specific needs. Contact us for desktop support services.

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