The History of Information Technology: Past, Present, Future
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How The Top 3 Industries Use Information Technology

In today’s age, many industries realize that information technology (IT) plays a vital role. They recognize that IT has a variety of benefits – a competitive edge being one of them – to increase profits, provide high-quality customer service and offer new services. From online communications to applications to automation systems, IT has a huge impact on how organizations manage their business operations and connect with other firms worldwide. New information technology opportunities are opening up among different industries due to various ways IT can be applied to support and grow certain areas of a business. There is also a demand for IT professionals to fulfill positions of specific fields of businesses outside of the IT industry. In general, IT is everywhere and a necessity across multiple industry sectors.

Information technology, through the use of the internet, has been a major factor for many industries. In particular, education/academics, retail/sales and healthcare/medicine are some of the top industries that utilize IT to their advantage.

Information Technology in Education/Academics:

Unlike traditional classroom settings, online classroom settings make it possible to connect educators and students from all over the world. With online platforms, chat rooms, online tools and applications, professors are able to conduct classes/lessons with their students and learners are able to take lessons in the convenience of their own home or at any location other than being physically present in the classroom. Both professors and students also have the opportunity to interact with each other using online videos, forums and email. As a result, this provides a different approach to communicate and a whole new experience to teach and learn. In addition, online training is less expensive and offers flexible study hours.

In the physical classroom setting, information technology is also put to great use.  Classrooms are now integrating the online experience to students as part of the classroom curriculum by using online school platforms, interactive online games and the internet. Not only do teachers have other creative, educational options to organize lessons but students are also able to use other forms of interactive and fun learning methods in their schools. Overall, with the use of IT in and out of the classroom environment, teaching and learning techniques are reaching to a new level.

As online education and educational programs are expanding, IT jobs in the education field are becoming critical.

Information Technology in Retail/Sales

Retailers are changing the way they do business and provide customer service due to the evolution of information technology. Communication between vendors and buyers has primarily changed the most, with the transition from phone calls and in-person customer service to online customer service. Since the internet is available anytime, anywhere, retailers are available 24/7 to interact with customers. Buyers are also able to purchase items day or night through online shopping. As more online stores are receiving visitors, they are offering discounts, promotional updates and a selection of online options to encourage their customers to explore their stores outside the physical location.

Data management, software management, business architect and social media specialist are a few information technology careers that are required within this industry. Retailers rely on IT to handle inventory, distribute goods and services, determine trends and pursue customer-purchasing habits.

Information Technology in Healthcare/medicine:

Healthcare practitioners and facilities are becoming more open-minded with the importance of information technology and how it can best suit the needs within the healthcare industry. There are numerous technologies available to provide better ways to share and store information and improve  healthcare services to patients. These include health record systems for personal information and electronic purposes, personal health tools such as apps to keep track of health and development and to organize information, and online communities to share and discuss information. By using health information technology, medical providers are able to provide accurate patient records, and better understand and organize patients´ medical history. In addition, platforms are being used to place orders which results in accuracy of prescriptions, effective communication and faster time to carry out changes in medication and orders. Health insurance companies are also favoring IT as they enter into healthcare databases.

As the healthcare industry opens up more and more to information technology, it will adapt to meet the needs of both healthcare practitioners and patients. This will lead to more IT positions within this industry. Those interested in IT careers in the healthcare industry will need to obtain professional degrees and specialization. However, those with both degrees in a medical-related field and IT will have more opportunities than those with only IT experience.


Information technology is valuable to a wide-range of industries – primarily in education, retail and healthcare. It drives their business and provides a selection of innovated, virtual options to improve customer service, increase revenue, store and retrieve information, and offer convenient ways of communication. With the use of computers, the internet, software and databases, industries are able to run smoothly and keep up in the modern world. In conclusion, information technology has evolved to where it is today across multiple industries and continues to grow to best fit their needs. For this reason, it is important to understand what IT is and how we can benefit from it.

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