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The 7 Most Common Types of Business Technology

Successful businesses rely heavily on technology for communication, productivity and tracking purposes. As a matter of fact, it drives and sustains their business operations. That’s why it is important to understand the modern-day technology that’s readily available to us and how it can be used to our convenience. There are various types of business technology; however, some are more commonly used than others.

If your business benefits from the latest technologies, then you are on the right track and are opening your business to successful results. On the other hand, you may feel  overwhelmed and intimidated with the rising technology in society or lack the necessary tech-savvy skills and experience. As a result, you neither use nor keep up modern technology. However, you are depriving your business from opportunities of growth and success. For this reason, we’ve created a list of the most common types of business technology that are widely used around the world and that you should also use to run your business.

Here is a comprehensible list of the the most common types of business technology to help you easily make a transition from the traditional practices to modern-day techniques:


Computers are used across multiple businesses.  They´re equipped with software that enables them to perform all sorts of tasks such as analyzing financial information, sending and receiving emails and designing sales presentations. The computer is made as a desktop apparatus or a mobile laptop for either office or traveling purposes. PCs (Personal Computers) with Microsoft Windows is the most frequently used. Macintosh computers with Apple operating system are also used but mostly among professionals. Computers are vital because they allow businesses to manage their daily activities in a  more productive and efficient way.


Computers use different kinds of programs and operating information, known as software, to do specific tasks. Businesses utilize productivity tools such as Microsoft Word, a word processing package, and Microsoft Excel, a financial spreadsheet system. Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote are also used to easily and quickly prepare professional-looking sales presentations. Businesses use certain software that is suitable to their needs.


Networking is used to interact with groups of people to share information and documents, to store information and to communicate using email. It also permits computers to share a printer or a storage device. A network can either be restricted to computers within an office location or connected among numerous offices. Networking is essential to businesses because it provides a means to build relationships with others within their related fields in order to find new customers and partnerships, and to grow.

Telephone Communication

Communication is the key to establishing business relationships. For this reason, businesses use a form of telephone system to communicate with customers and organizations. This provides a fast, efficient and one-on-one personal connection with others. Having great customer service with clients and effective communication with your staff will ultimately help your business build a successful reputation and grow. There are now business telephone systems that come with a variety of features to fulfill the needs of a company. Voip, Voice Over Internet Protocol, has become extremely popular that allows users to make phone calls using the Internet instead of the traditional analog phone system.

Accounting System

Accounting systems are software that enables businesses to manage their expenses and revenue. Quickbooks is most often used in small businesses. This is easy to set up and maintain. On the other hand, bigger companies use SAP Business One or Sage Accpac, which allow more customization and integration with other systems. Choosing the right accounting system depends on the size and needs of your business. It is recommended to consult your accountant to explore your options before making your decision.

Inventory Control System

An inventory control system is used to handle all inventory of a business. It precisely keeps track of items including how much is in stock, updating the system when new inventory arrives as well as when it is sold and to keep accurate records. Companies require an adequate and organized system to manage its inventory in order to maintain the right balance of items in their warehouse, to understand what they have and to review their finances.

Customer Relationship Management Systems

Similar to having a useful telephone system for effective communication purposes, a customer relationship management system (CRM) is equally important that can help a business move forward. It keeps track of customer interactions by collecting and storing information about them. In addition, it allows a business to make calls, send emails, create reports, add notes and much more. By gathering crucial information, businesses can build long-lasting relationships with their clients. HubSpot and Salesforce are two popular CRM software packages.

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