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Life Without Information Technology in the Business World

What would life be without information technology in the business world? In today’s society, businesses rely so much on information technology. The use of (IT) information technology enables businesses to plan, manage, store and track vital information related to their business operations with the use of information systems and the latest technologies. Now, what would it be like if businesses did not have access to these information systems and these latest technologies? It was like this at one time – without computers, the internet, laptops, e-mails, software, etc. Let’s take a step back in history.

Imagine you are living in the 1930´s. You´re working in an office room in a bank with other people. You´re tedious task-just like the others-is to write and organize bank notes. What do you use to accomplish this task in the most efficient way? Remember, there are no computers, no internet, no form of technology that we see and use today. Yes, no other than a typewriter. This is the only form of technological tool available to use for record keeping and all writing tasks.

Now, come back into 2018 and think about how you would fulfill a record keeping task in a bank or in any other business. What form of technology or tool would you use in today’s business world that was not used before? Of course a computer, a laptop, software. All of these forms of modern-day technologies enable companies to run their businesses in a more efficient, productive way. Without them, businesses would be left behind and society as a whole would not progress. As businesses are keeping up with the competition and the latest technologies, information technology has become important to reduce costs, improve communication, establish a suitable reputation and create more creative products/services.

Here are some benefits of the use of information technology in today’s business world:

  • 1.Businesses require effective communication in order to succeed. With IT, businesses are able to streamline communication, both internally and externally. Thanks to platforms that offer online meetings and video conferencing such as Skype, businesses are able to communicate and collaborate virtually.
  • 2. Social networks and databases allow businesses to receive, transfer and store information in the most efficient way.
  • 3. Information management enables businesses to safely store, maintain and share classified information.
  • 4. Relying on IT is a great investment for businesses. Over time, it reduces costs by streamlining operations and management processes such as using online training and software.
  • 5. The necessity of IT has presented new job opportunities in the market such as computer programming and web application design.
  • 6. Information technology makes it possible for businesses to process all kinds of information with accuracy and speed with the use of spreadsheets, word processors and databases.
  • 7. With the use of IT infrastructure, businesses have access to IT support with professionals who are instantly available to resolve any possible or rising issues.

As you can see, it would be extremely challenging for a business to thrive without the use of information technology. Just think about how the business world today would be if we were still using typewriters instead of computers, internet, databases, networks, etc. As technology is growing and businesses are looking for more effective, efficient and productive ways to succeed, there is more demand for IT.

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