Why IT Managed Services Are Important For Your Business
Hiring The Ideal Managed It Service Provider For Your Business

Zimega Technology Solutions Provides IT Managed Services

Do you have computer techs with little experience or lacking the experience necessary to help your clients or potential clients? Are you willing to let time go by while they try to figure out how to resolve the issues? Do not turn down a client or allow a client to walk away unsatisfied because your technicians have little experience with the issues at hand or because they are overloaded with other clients. Turn to Zimega Technology Solutions to represent your company in a professional manner. We have IT support staff  who can assist you and your client’s needs.

IT Manager Service Providers

At ZimegaTS, we are staffed with highly skilled IT support staff and consultants  who provide technology solutions, manage IT networks and assume the responsibility of management services for your clients. We work as an extension of your company so that your clients never know that your supplement staff is outsourced. We will also wear your company’s work uniform, if required. This is aimed at maintaining our relationship with you and your relationship with your client.

Our IT support staff  will help you improve the relationship with clients since your technicians do not have to waste time troubleshooting or understanding new systems and applications. This enables you to meet deadlines and therefore, maintain a high standard of service for your clients.

We act as a backup source that allows you to maintain your clients in the long run. As your technicians upgrade to the latest skills, we can help you serve your existing clients. We also step in during the busy season of the year to ensure that you do not turn them away. During an influx or surge, we step in until you have recruited long term staff or the surge subsides.

Services Offered

The following are a variety of IT managed services that we offer, either over the phone or onsite:

  • Server Management – this involves initial setup, software support, upgrading of applications and systems, back-ups and visualization. It also includes disaster recovery, maintenance and monitoring of your Windows and Linux servers.
  • Network Management – networking experts will install, monitor and upgrade your infrastructure ensuring that the latest designs and technology are used. You also get support with architecture including switches, routers, load balancers, etc. The network will also have the high availability and the latest security features.
  • Network Security and Vulnerability – our technicians assess systems and evaluate the security loopholes that may make the system vulnerable. This will protect your operations from exposure or cyber attacks that could be devastating.
  • Technological Automation – this is an incredible money saving step. It offers great value while still keeping you competitive. Regardless of volumes, we automate systems to improve on efficiency while reducing cost of operation.
  • Other services include infrastructure design or redesign, virtualization and other emerging technological issues.
  • Troubleshooting  

About Zimega Technology Solutions
Zimega Technology Solutions is a leading IT firm with almost two decades of experience. It has been certified by global brands including Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix and VMWare, among others. We offer customized managed IT services aimed at reducing cost, making your operations more efficient and reliable. Please give us a call today and allow us the opportunity to see how we can best serve your needs! You can also visit our site at https://zimegats.com/.

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