Technology Issues?

Our goal is to help our clients to overcome the difficulties of merging technology with their business by providing IT resources and service in a cost effective manner. We provide break\fix services and expertise in the areas of virtualization, automation, Windows\Linux system administration, network administration as well as IT project management.

Strong IT Skills

Technology is ever evolving and it drives so much of what business does today, from productivity to communication to improving speed to making better business decisions. You need to have the company with experience in doing that. Our expert team specializes in providing a tailored solution to best fit your business. Zimega is IT!

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Server, Software, and IT Solutions

Friendly Client Support

Let Zimega TS help your company by assessing your business needs and help you come up with detailed solutions that will fit your company needs. From initial builds and deployments to upgrades for current IT infrastructure….we can help

Over the phone or onsite, ZimegaTS will be there for you. If you chose our ongoing support model we also perform preventative maintenance, audit and security check as part of our normal service to you. We provide proactive support and identify potential problems before they become major issues.